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Hubei CONO Technology Co., Ltd

is an innovative industry player and provider of professional quality, competitively priced optoelectronic products for nature, law enforcement and surveillance applications.

We pride ourselves on providing premium quality equipment at competitive prices while achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our continuously evolving product line incorporates the latest technological developments and end-user input. We understand that, in some cases, lives may depend on the performance of our products, that is why every unit that leaves our facility must pass tough quality control standards testing.

The CONO TECH Difference

CONO TECH utilizes state-of-art technology in our construction and testing processes which maximizes quality, consistency and production efficiency. The result is substantially improved strength and reliability over our competitors.

We constantly challenge ourselves to provide each customer with the best optoelectronic devices on the market. Our experienced team, with military, engineering and law enforcement backgrounds, are always available to answer questions or provide helpful advice.

Our Primary Applications

Special Forces Operations Search and Rescue Camping and Boating Patrolling Aviation Critical Infrastructure Protection Criminal Investigation Land, Air and Sea Surveillance Wildlife Observation Port and Border Security Wildlife Management