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Polaris introduction

Pubdate:2022-4-28 2:56:38

Polarisis the professional-grade thermal rifle scope, designed for tacticalsurveillance, aiming and engagement on a wide variety of firearms at medium andlong distance whether for single or repetitive shootings. Let’s talk about itin following aspects:


The device has equipped with 2 objectivelens medium range 35mm and long range 50mm for option, manual adjustment offocus ring, OneTouch button to implement operations and functions, batterycompartment with 2pcs of 18650 batteries, built-in laser rangefinder optional, diopteradjustment ring and high quality eyepiece to make sure no optical distortions,get everything pin sharp, universal port for video-out and USB, picatinny railto be mounted on.


Ithas 640 by 512 sensor with a 12 micron pixel pitch which means a nice sharp anda nice clarity, 50 hertz refresh rate with a 35 millikevin which is ameasurement of noise equivalent thermal difference or how a thermal image candifferentiate between temperatures, the lower the better. The opticalmagnification of the Polaris is 1.5x for 35mm edition, and2.2 x for 50mmedition, 3options of digital zoom 1x,2x,4x, so you will get a total of 6x or8.8x.  It is reasonably clear and operates on a 1024 by 768 OLED display.